Manufacturerof leather goods

Only the best semi-finished products
Many years of experience
From design to finished product
A modern production plant

About us

Brothers has many years of experience in the production of leather goods. We have a modern production plant equipped with the latest technologies and specialized software.

We guarantee comprehensive service, the highest quality, professional advice and fast order processing.

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Our offer

The pillar of our activity is sewing leather handbags and bags
men's orders, including:

  • Production from the customer's project
  • Designing leather accessories
  • A wide catalog of own products
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Contact us

Brothers Władysław Bochniarz

Siedlce 141, 33-322 Korzenna
NIP 734 143 73 97 | REGON 492016310

+48 18 441 30 00

Sales department:
Tel. +48 18 477 00 71
Fax. +48 18 477 00 69